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Non Disclosure Agreement Template


What does this agreement do?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidential Information Agreement is used to protect your ideas before you discuss with your business partner or potential investor, and you want to ensure your idea is protected. It may be mutual – both parties disclosing to each other ideas, or just one party disclosing the confidential information. This legally binding template ensures that you can have complete peace of mind in any business dealings.

Why do I need this?

If you have an idea that is patentable, you must ensure that it is disclosed under an NDA, otherwise if disclosed to the public you will lose your right to file a patent application. Our Non-Disclosure Agreement template ensures that you can rest easy, and properly protect your ideas.

What’s the main benefit?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidential Information Agreement will ensure your idea is protected when discussing with other parties.

  • It is important that the information you are disclosing is clearly defined and the purpose of which you are disclosing the Confidential Information is documented.
  • Does the review of the Confidential Information have a time limit? For instance, for the purpose of investing in a company, in relation to a business proposal or a future business relationship.
  • Are you offering to indemnify a party in relation to a breach of Confidential Information?
  • What happens at the end of the Confidential Information agreement and are there continuous obligations?

Additional Information

An NDA is a standard document that should be used by your business when exchanging any original ideas to potential investors, suppliers, designers or any third party who is to provide advice or a service to your business. It is important that these ideas are also exchanged under an NDA as it may prevent you from applying for a patent or trade mark once they are disclosed to the public. If you are not sure whether your intellectual property is protected or need assistance with your Non Disclosure Agreement Template you should book some advice with one of our expert lawyers. You may also want to purchase a standard business agreement such as an MSA or SAAS Agreement or ensure your rights as a shareholder are protected if you don’t have a shareholders’ agreement with your business partners or investors.

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